How $130 turned into $16k in only nine months!

Stock-MarketThis is a story of a lady named Carol, and this is the story how she has turned $130 dollars into $16 000 in only nine months.
She said that binary options showed into her life through her husband. Her husband bought all sorts of books about trading, and he has read them all. He had Bloomberg news on all day long and night as well and finally matured on binary options as his preferred technique of trading. Carol should probably say that’s her husband, goes through phases or something similar. Anyway he was pretty average at binary options trading. He was too impatient and too eager to trade. Her husband didn’t lose a terrible sum of money but after all he never really made anything either. After he had lastly dropped his trading fad, her husband had about one hundred and thirty dollars left in his account and Carol asked him if she could have a play on it. He thought how could his humble housewife understand the complexities of the world’s markets better than him?
In six months she had taken that $130 to $3600, not a marvelous success story but it is taking into account all the losses she made. She also admits that it was quite a steep learning curve for her and she had never done anything like that before. From six to nine months she took their trading balance from $3600 – $16,800. With that money she got the professionals in and finished the kitchen herself and the hallway as well.

high-earning-2014-stocks-to-buyThe key of her success was finding that she had a natural grasp of one very specific trading strategy. The thing is that way before anyone told her anything about resistance and support lines she was impulsively drawing them on the asset charts that she was monitoring. She had an understanding of the points beyond that an asset seemed to look difficult to fall below or to rise above. Then basically after drawing these lines she would sharpen them over the course of an hour by seeing how the market performed in relation to them. Then she would start to trade. The advantage didn’t really matter, be it a commodity, a currency pair, an Index or a stock her method seemed to work for her. Even though she will say that the more unstable the price action of the asset, the more opportunities there were to lock in profitable trades. At first, she didn’t use technical indicators, although later she found that MACD and RSI are very complementary to her style of trading. By using it in combination with her own techniques helped up her success rate by around ten to fifteen percent.
Trading binary options is extremely exhilarating, particularly when you feel you’re discovering something for the first time and developing your own skills as in her experience. It has helped her to become a more productive member of her family and now the kids do not go to dad first when they need money, they always come to her. It has changed her life and the lives of those around Carol. So, is this a good reason to recommend trading binary options to others?

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